Juillet 2016

Témoignage et hommage du photographe polaire islandais Ragnar Axelsson, dit "Rax", à Michel Rocard

Rax Axelsson avec Michel Rocard et Laurent Mayet au pôle Nord géographique le 18 avril 2011 - © Rax Axelsson

A true leader who had a global audience has passed away. Mr. Michel Rochard was a charismatic leader who knew where he wanted to go and considered each step carefully. Mr. Rocard made a strong impression wherever he was, even the penguins in Antarctica listened when he spoke! Mr. Rocard had a clear vision regarding the future of the polar regions and fought for his ideas for the good of mankind. He will be greatly missed, his memory and goals will live on in the Arctic region for years to come. I am proud of having been his friend.

Ragnar Axelsson, photographer

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